Vision and Mission

Science & Technology And Information Technology


ST&IT Emerging Technologies for the betterment of humanity DOST Science Technology & Innovation: Vibrant science, technology and innovation ecosystem driving sustainable development transformation. KPIT Board: A systematic digital transformation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by leveraging Information and Communication Technologies for job creation, connectivity, empowerment and inclusive economic growth.


ST&IT To ensure a knowledge-based economy through an enabling ecosystem for adopting emerging and evolving technologies aimed at betterment of humanity. DoST Achievement of robust science, technology and innovation capacity for integrated, inclusive and sustainable development KPIT Board The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa aims to lead Pakistan’s digital transformation. KPITB’s strategic goal is to accelerate digitization in all sectors and position the province as a national technology hub.


Science & Technology and Information Technology Department established on 2nd October, 2002 is responsible for the promotion of Science and Technology & Information Technology. The mandate of Department is to generate/promote facility and regulate e-Government activities in all the Government Departments of the Province.


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