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Countries that have invested heavily in Science & Technology have Succeeded in achieving rapid and sustained economic growth. In this era of globalization and computation, Pakistan needs to acquire scientific and technological (S&T) capabilities to maintain a comparative edge in the global market. The new world order requires us to prepare our new generations to face global challenges, this involves a substantially different type of education to be imparted, focusing not only on the mastery of the subject matter but also on the development of complementary skills, such as ability to think critically and innovatively, communicate effectively, and to successfully adapt to changes. While investing in high-level S&T, it is equally important to invest in human resource development to in achieving rapid economic growth. We cannot expect to become technologically self-reliant unless we have necessary strength in both basic and applied sciences. It has been shown time and again that the discoveries in basic sciences of today become the basis of major commercial products of tomorrow and we aim to strengthen the basic sciences by establishing linkage with applied sciences such as agriculture sciences engineering science material sciences, biotechnology pharmacy etc. I appreciate DoST for its initiatives to help policymakers and sector specialists in making quicker and better decisions that facilitates knowledge creation, use, dissemination and protection by providing these groups with a place to share experiences, discuss vital issues and find useful background material.


Science & Technology and Information Technology Department established on 2nd October, 2002 is responsible for the promotion of Science and Technology & Information Technology. The mandate of Department is to generate/promote facility and regulate e-Government activities in all the Government Departments of the Province.


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