Chief Minister KP


The mankind have seen different phases in last 200 years and number of countries have evolved their systems according to their needs and according to the socio economic conditions. Unfortunately in our country we have not worked to change our fate through evolutionary process and our history have seen so many adventures. The people of our country was never been part of the consultations and their involvements and participation was never given weight. Now The Govt In KPK want to interact with the people of the province to eliminate corruption, injustice , inequality and anti social elements. The complaints of the people of the Province was never been heard seriously and never been acted on due to which the people have also stop putting their valuable suggestion and stop complaining about the wrong doing of the people in power. We have established this cell in order to reach you and solve your problems with your help and support. Therefore Please don’t hesitate to register a complaint against anyone in any departments under our control and we assure you that if the complaint is genuine, not biased and correct we will act and we will provide the justice to the complainants. May Allah Help us to achieve the confidence of the people and deliver according to the expectation of the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


Science & Technology and Information Technology Department established on 2nd October, 2002 is responsible for the promotion of Science and Technology & Information Technology. The mandate of Department is to generate/promote facility and regulate e-Government activities in all the Government Departments of the Province.


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